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Pink Clay Western Australia
Western Australian Pink Clay is a powerful magnet, removing toxins, pollution, and impurities from deep within the skin. It absorbs excess oil, leaving the skin shine-free and gorgeous.
Kakadu Plum Northern Australia
Put down your OJ, cause Kakadu Plum is the world’s richest source of Vitamin C! Grown in Northern Australia, this antioxidant powerhouse stimulates collagen and brightens the complexion.
Pomegranate South Western Australia
Drink from the pomegranate-flavoured fountain of youth! This antioxidant-rich citrus fruit stimulates collagen production for firm and juicy skin.
Finger Lime Northern New South Wales
From the rainforests of Northern New South Wales comes Finger Lime Extract. Rich in AHAs, this triple threat refines pores, boosts cellular turnover, and brightens skin.
Macadamia South Queensland
We're nuts about macadamias! High in skin-loving fatty acids, macadamia seed gently buffs and smooths the skin as it nourishes.
Sea Weed Extract Tasmanian Waters
Found in Tasmanian Waters, Sea Weed Extract is a natural anti-inflammatory. Rich in vitamins and minerals, this aquatic all-star helps soothe and repair sensitive skin.
Old Man’s Weed Murray River, Victoria
From Victoria’s Murray River, Old Man’s Weed helps to gently remove pesky pigmentation clusters, while stimulating and regenerating the skin.
Witch Hazel Adelaide Mountains
Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial, Witch Hazel is a hard-working natural astringent. Among other things, it helps to tighten pores, reduce breakouts, and perk up tired skin.
Bamboo Queensland Rainforests
Not just lunch for pandas, bamboo is a gentle manual exfoliant that’s perfect for sloughing away dry old skin cells.
Organic Mangosteen Darwin Region
Organic Mangosteen is rich in Xanthones – potent antioxidants that help repair cells and prevent ageing. This fabulous fruit also fights acne, due to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.